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Grannie Comfort announces her Vlog

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Professor Grannie Maltila Comfort is pleased to announce she intends to offer an advice column on social emotional issues to the public in the near future. Professor Grannie Maltila Comfort ( that’s Tilda for short) has a classical education with advanced degrees from the institute of  the Most Highs at the University of Nebadon. Her education includes multidimensional time travel  and perennial studies in  the  development of Human civilization . Her thesis work , The cause of human suffering( no longer in print) was well received by her colleagues. She has come to believe that all Humans are born good and that ignorance and maladaptation to  hardship and suffering are the source of poor choices. 

She is sometimes forgetful but she never forgets her constant animal companions a female swan, named Shimmer and a male swan named Glide.  During her world travels, she collects interesting people and powerful stories. She warns her readers that some mischief  and good trouble will be embedded in the column. Her super-power is hearing what isn’t being said.  Tilda’s motto is 

‘Be yourself, nobody else can do that Better” .        She is 100%.


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