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About Us

Friendly and Fun Loving  Nashua Natives living in the Suburbs 

We are New Hampshire natives. We live near a college and an ice cream store in a quiet neighborhood in Nashua, NH. Our home is a glorious mess of paintings, three wood-burning stoves, and a kitchen with a custom built brick rectangle that holds a gas cooking stove on one side and the fire place on the opposite side. It is the heart of the house. 

The front yard has a picket fence and an attack rose bush that is home to 300 sparrows that can be heard screaming seven houses down the street. There are flowers everywhere and a fountain built out of granite.  Chipmunks, squirrels, possums, and an irritable mother robin live in our yard.  

The garden is not so productive so veggies are bought at the Ice Cream shop in the summer where LaVoie's Farm has a large food truck every summer.  

Until recently, my husband was a state representative and alderman from Nashua. We encouraged the New Hampshire State legislature to do a study on the impact of the arts on the state's economy. The study would include income generated by art events, culture events, festivals, symphonies, museums, history, and visits to landmarks, film, plays. musicals, poetry slams, folk art and so on. The arts also provide training for volunteers, and apprenticeship in public speaking, set design,  graphics for media and social marketing. 

Ken is also a TV Talk show host on our local cable station called Access Nashua. He hosts the Art of Politics every Friday with guests who have opposing points of view. He is a Master 3D Painter.  The collection can be found at https://www.facebook.com/kengidge/

This is Ken the artist. politician, inventor, art's advocate, champion flag pole sitter, used car salesman, business broker, radio and TV Host with our beloved Jack Russell. 

 An image of the 'True' Artist; pushing the limits of this physical world to bring to fruition that visualization that he sees in his mind's eye.