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How this came to be

Both Ken and Lee are artistic.  She has been learning how to crochet and a long piece had gotten out of control and become something like a giant anaconda.  AHA, stuff the anaconda with pillows but to clean it, have buttons on the belly.  Soon wooden belly buttons were purchased. There were large beads and some leather string was used.  One morning they were gathered together to make a circle. Ken liked that and got some more beads and viola "Comfort" was born. 

 This was a moment of divine inspiration. There was no plan, no goal, just a playful assembly of the materials on hand. When the idea progressed into a design of circle and tassel, we found that people liked them and often wanted a particular type. The product is still evolving. 

What we're made of: Comforts are made of glass, acrylic and semiprecious stones. The string is most often nylon coated wire. That kind of wire just doesn't break but it is a little hard to tie. If the nylon wears off the wire can scratch or stab. We glue the ending and sometimes grind down any edges. Because we want to make you very happy-If your comfort breaks under normal use in under six months of normal use, you can send the beads back and I will restring or replace the item.