< Materials used to create MYQUIETCOMFORT – myquietcomfort .

We use semi-precious beads, faux pearl  cultured pearls, crystal, ceramic, glass,

The strand inside is usually nylon coated metal, one of the strongest threads available, Once in a while,  twenty pound fishing line is used.  The glue is epoxy.  Generally the tails are suede or silky tassels. When I find an interesting earring or perhaps buy a charm, that can be incorporate into the design.

Many beaded items  are intended to calm, center and soothe your nervous system.  Frequently, mala beads are made by monks and this is to hold the "grace" of the creator.  These comforts are made with attention and delight.   There is grace everywhere and the source is spirit, not magic. The designs are the most significant part of the work.  The beads are paired but sometimes, a tiny flaw gets into the strand and it's accepted as additional interest.

Customers have used comforts in all kinds of ways: as a necklace for a statue, a fidget when on the phone, a keychain, something to hold during meditation.  a pacifier during chemo therapy, or a tool  to gain composure during a business meeting. When you hold a beautiful object , it connects you to your own chakti.  We love to hear from people how they use them.