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Special design - wear the Tiger's eye over your index finger and hold the orange ceramic ball in the palm of your hand.Feels soooooooothing
Ring Thing for Self Regulation

Ring Thing for Self Regulation

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Moments when you are stressed but need to appear calm, cool, and collected, 

this elegant finger toy will help you maintain your equilibrium  This  Ring thing is a tool to support self-regulation. Wear the tiger's eye on your middle finger and let the orange ceramic rest in the palm of your hand. 

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Circles of comfort, Strands of Comfort and Ring Things and Eclectic Comfortone of a kind. The variety   My husband Ken, who is a better artist, and painter than I am is working on a new collection called the Eclectic collection.  . 

These handcrafted goods are fidgets, but beautiful and adult.

We all need a little comfort and this is a tool to carry with you when that extra level of emotional restraint is required to keep the situation from deteriorating.  People who value emotional intelligence realize, it is not enough to"want" to stay centered and calm. Good intentions need to be supported by practice and practicality.  People have been using worry beads, stones, malas, and rosaries for centuries. We hope that you will find our "Comfort" equal to the task. We welcome your input, ideas, and comments. So far comforts have been recommended as a tool for patience on the phone, focus and concentration, a pretty thing. and a  calm down tool. 

What will your use be? 







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